Coming to Training with a Positive Attitude

How many of you come into training with a positive attitude?  Like, you actually come in and you are excited about training?

There are times when I’d hear negative comments like, “Ugh...I have to do this today,” “I feel like shit,” or just random stuff that does not send out positive vibes.  Saying these comments does not make anything better. If anything, it brings you and others around you down.  Let’s say you made a negative comment coming into training; this will set the tone for the training session and you can probably guess how this training session will turn out.  Now, I’m not saying that we should be “happy go lucky” or singing “kumbaya” every time we train, but I’d rather be around someone who is positive rather than negative.  What about you?  

A few things that takes little effort, but makes a difference:

  1. Fake it till you make it: Not gonna lie, some days when I come in, I feel tired and on other days I don’t feel like training.  Maybe I didn’t sleep well, it was a long day, people annoyed me, or something unexpected.  Keep in mind, weightlifting is a grueling sport and we will not feel good everyday.  One thing I try do on days like these is to fake a positive attitude.  I tell myself I am happy and excited to train.  I may not fully buy into it, but if I do this long enough, I can hopefully trick my negative attitude into a positive one.  There are studies out there showing that if you fake a smile, you actually become more happy and feel better. 

  2. Make someone else smile:  If I am having a bad day, one thing that definitely makes me feel better is making someone else smile or laugh.  By making someone else smile or laugh, I will do that myself along with them.  That automatically brightens up the mood.  You feel better and that person feels better.  Two birds, one stone.  Now, don’t be super obnoxious and get overboard, just smile.

  3. Saying “I GET to” vs “I HAVE to:”  Changing the way you say things will drastically change your attitude over time.  When you say I have to, it gives off a negative feeling.  No one really likes the feeling of having to do something.  It feels like a chore.  But when you change it to I get to do something, it gives off a much more positive feeling.  

Give these tips a shot and see if you can change your attitude and have a good training session.

- Coach Chris Yang